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Highlight your Focal Points

It’s all about the details!  Highlighting focal points will not only bring out the details during the event, but will also carry through into your photographs with a beautiful contrast of lighting.


Here is a “before & after” photo that shows the difference when pin spotting table centerpieces.

BEFORE Pin Spotting Centerpieces


AFTER pin spotting centerpieces

As you can see below, focal lighting creates a beautiful contrast of lighting in your photographs!

Soft pin spot lighting that is focused directly on the centerpiece.
Photo by Jason Collins Photography

Highlight your wedding cake!
Photo by William Mahone Photography

Add a spot light to the dance floor for your first dance and other specialty dances.  This adds so much to your photographs and to the experience during that special moment.

Photo by Mike Topham Photography

Photo by William Mahone Photography

Another technique for highlighting focal points is using soft warm white up lighting.  The example below shows how the lighting brought out the look of these hanging portraits.

photo (1)