Group Shot

From left to right – Patrick Holmes, Jake Anderson, and John Ritch

Jake Anderson (aka Professor Edison) is the owner and founder of Lighting Professors, although “lead visionary” might be a better title. Jake works directly with the Directors on strategy and creative concepts so the company can stay on the cutting edge in design & technology. With over 6 years of experience in event lighting design, his expertise is an invaluable asset that has led the company to winning several awards and being recognized as one of the best in the Richmond event industry for lighting.

John Ritch (aka Professor Lumen) is our Director of Events. In short, he is the technical & logistics guru. John focuses on production, and ensures each lighting design application is executed flawlessly for every event. He has been with the company since the beginning, and has played a major role in developing the processes that keeps this machine running smooth. John leads the staff here at Lighting Professors, and keeps the LP team ahead of the curve with planning & logistics.

Patrick Holmes (aka Professor Halogen) is our Director of Sales, and focuses on client relations & business development. He likes to keep things light hearted, personable, and of course educational. When working with Patrick, our clients receive immediate attention, an individualized experience, and will leave each meeting with a better understanding of lighting and how it can enhance the experience for their wedding or special event. You will also find Patrick rubbing elbows with other industry pros at our monthly networking events.