Bistro lighting

Strand lighting with a linear series of hanging Edison bulbs.  Great piece for organic lighting.

Pipe & Drape

A system of pipe and base is utilized to hang soft draping.  This is a great way to cover up unsightly areas or add a softer texture to the event space.

Focal lighting

Lighting that is used to highlight specific focal points in an event space; such as table centerpieces and other impact décor pieces.

Architectural lighting

This is also better known as “up lighting” – we choose to use the fancy name.  It’s simply lighting architecture whether that be a column, archway, or wall.

Custom GOBOs (stands for “go between optics”)

These are lighting projections that are created by the use of specialty made metal or glass discs with specific designs cut into the material.  The GOBO is slotted inside a professional lighting fixture and the image projects when focused appropriately.  These are commonly used to project initials or designs on dance floors or textural patterns on walls or ceilings.